Chakra Healing For Transcendent Health

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 Your chakras are the center of your personal universe. They are the energetic centers through which all health flows through in your body and portals for divine light. Chakra Healing For Transcendent Health introduces you to Tantric philosophy and scripture, the original source of recorded knowledge of the chakras and the original chakra iconography, the symbols that describe the purpose of and energetic capacity of each chakra. 

Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health is designed to help you dive deep into the wisdom that we know about Chakra Healing, and then dive deeper into the healing practices that will support the healing of your chakras as a foundational life practice. The practices include mindfulness meditation, whole food healing, juicing for transcendent health, aromatherapy, yoga, mantras, crystal healing and color therapy. To commit to a regular chakra healing practice is to commit to tending to your most sacred centers of health in your body. It is an act of loving yourself. From that place, transcendent health is possible. From that place, planetary healing begins.

This book was written by Aimee Rebekah Shea, published by Indigo International and designed as a textbook for Chakra Healing Intensive, a 15 week course at Pleiadian Institute that brings you on a journey through your chakra centers and into connection with the divinity within.

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